Sezibwa Falls with Sightseeing and Culture tour

Sezibwa Falls is a serene site located in Mukono along the Kampala - Jinja highway . It is reached by a one hour drive on the paved road from Kampala , turning off at the Kayanja TC for a 10 minutes drive on a dirt road to Sezibwa .

Sezibwa fall is a perfect place for weekend getaways and picnics . Below the waterfall is a neat clearing surrounded by big trees , bamboo and thickets . It is so peaceful with only the soothing nature sounds from the gushing waterfalls and sweet songs of the Great Blue Turacos , weaver birds and other bird species . A restaurant is available to provide drinks and prepare your meals .

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Sezibwa falls

highlights for Sightseeing and Culture Sezibwa Falls

  • Cultural immersion and Community encounter
  • Service of english speaking guide / driver
  • Visiting the Ancient African traditional religion
  • Delicious meal
  • Travel in customised 4WD safari vehicle
  • Airport transfers

While there you do a sightseeing tour around the site . Observe the waterfalls from the bridge crossing . River Sezibwa flows over sedimentary rocks , falling over 17 meters into the whirlpool which is 13 meters deep . A number of water birds can be observed in the whirlpool . The African Finfoot is lucky sighting here . You may also take a dive into the cold pool however the water is brown most of the times due to the iodine from the sedimentary rocks .

After observing the waterfalls from the bridge continue the walk , climbing the rocks to the top of the waterfalls . Enjoy the top view of the waterfalls and the lush green of the picnic grounds . Near the waterfalls is small forest which can take to explore and view some wildlife . There are plenty of birds , colorful butterflies and monkey species .

Sezibwa Falls are a cultural heritage site where ancient African traditional religion is preserved and still practiced by a few believers . According to traditional myths , the Sezibwa River is said to have been born by a woman and it is therefore looked at a supernatural person . The flow of the River was guided by guided a god spirits called ( Nnalongo Kubo ) which enabled it to overcome all obstacles along away .

This is how it became to be known as Sezibwa , a word coined from the local term ( Ssezibwa Kubo ) translating ( nothing blocks my way ) . Sezibwa Falls became a favorite ground for the gods who set base near the falls including ( Nnalongo Kubo ) . There are shrines set up for each of the gods , , ( Musoke ) the god of rain , & ( Walumbe ) the god of death are said to be at the falls and a shrine for each of them is in place set up by the traditionalists . Traditional believers visit to pray to the gods and offer sacrifices to the Sezibwa because to them the river is a human that can be fed .

Ssezibwa Falls was a favorite ground from Kings of Buganda who often visited for retreats in the serenity of the grounds and performing many of the kingdoms functions . The former Kings have planted trees at Sezibwa as symbols of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Sezibwa Falls .