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Name of company : Simba Africa Expeditions Ltd
Registration : 180887
Postal Address : P.O.Box 26784 Kampala, Uganda
Physical Address : Twins Motel, off Entebbe Highway, Plot 7973 Kyadondo, Block 256, Lubowa, Bunamwaya, Wakiso District
Tel : +256 (0) 414 581 109
Mobile number : +256 (0) 772 354 691
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Office : Kampala, Uganda
Number of employees : 08
Fleet : 5-seater Super Custom Vans, 7-Seater Vans, Land Cruisers, 28-Seater Coaster Minibuses, all 4by4 & Air – conditioned


Simba Africa Expeditions was started in 2012 by a team of ambitious, enthusiastic and energetic young people with a passion to unveil the beauty of Uganda to the rest of the world as the great pearl of Africa. These individuals had all been involved in the tourism industry of Uganda and other East African countries for more than five years.

Mr. Nadduli Moses, the Managing Director, had been working as a senior driver guide for some of the most prominent tours and travel companies in Uganda. with a rich sales and management background had accumulated tremendous skills and experience of e-tourism from implementing several e-tourism projects for a number of companies. The company was established to offer safari packages to tourists interested in purchasing them, first in Uganda, and later expand borders to Rwanda, eastern DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.


To be the leader in providing quality services in terms of organizing safaris and tours in the Great Lakes region.


To focus on what clients need and demand so as to give the best quality services, and through acquisition of agents and rigorous online and offline marketing achieve the goal of becoming the market leader in the tours and travel sector of the Great Lakes Region.


  • Incorporating the latest technology and quality service to guarantee quality at all times
  • Give adequate emphasis on marketing.
  • To establish company offices in all the East African states.
  • Add more services to the existing services.
  • Build accommodation facilities in the different tours and safari destinations with Uganda.


  • Maintain a constant growth rate of the company
  • Maintaining the quality of the market through continuing monitoring and sound management
  • To increase market awareness as well as sells through persuasive promotion based on strategies
  • To market all the famous tourism destinations in East Africa
  • Establish the company online and ensure good positions for all pages and targeted keywords in the Search Engine Results Pages


Safaris and Tours

Simba Africa Expeditions organizes tours and safaris to several destinations within the Great Lakes region. The company offers well thought out and organized safari packages and at very competitive rates. The traveler under the guidance of a tour consultant can tailor a package that suits his or her budget and travel dates.

Hotel reservations

Simba Africa Expeditions boast of partnerships with a wide variety and abundance of accommodations within the East African region. Not only can it find over hundred Hotels in East Africa but also the pleasure of most competitive rates that are quite modest compared with hotels of the same standard.

Car hire services

Simba Africa Expeditions owns a fleet of customized travel vehicles in the best conditions for hire and at very competitive rates. Check out the car hire page for some of our cars

Other services:

  • Air port pick-ups
  • Visa Assistance
  • Tour consultancy
  • Tour guides