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Most Frequently asked questions while traveling to a new place, let alone across the ocean can be a mixture of all sorts of feelings like nervousness, excitement, fear, anticipation and for first time travelers it tends to feel more like a risky venture than it does an adventure. Like any new place, Uganda-East Africa is a different world of its own with a remarkable cultural diversity that won’t fail to amaze. Once you hit the soils of Uganda, it will be hospitality at its peak that will great you with a kiss from the beautiful sun to bring warmth and a promise of great adventures ahead.

There are a lot of surprises you will meet along the way during your time here as the wild is an unpredictable place and we always tell our clients to be prepared for anything and above all be open to all kinds of possibilities and keep a positive attitude in order to fully enjoy themselves and get the most out of their trip. Many first time travelers to Uganda have a lot of similar questions and we thought to address them so as to help other first time travelers who may have similar questions.

Before we get into it, let me just say that once you book a safari with us, we are responsible for your overall safety from the moment you land to the moment you return home. Even after the safari, we will check on you and make sure you arrived safely back home as well as get your feedback on our services. Now, let’s look at these frequently asked questions one by one;

What should I bring?

The amount of things to bring is of course largely determined by the baggage allowance of the airline you fly with. It’s advisable you bring only what will be necessary for your trip like a good lens camera, prescribed medication, Allergy medication (in case you have anything you are allergic too) pain killers, good walking shoes, insecticide, rain jacket, flashlight, sunscreen and enough clothes (mostly light and a few long sleeves for colder evenings). Otherwise travel light and be sure to have some space in your luggage for souvenirs you may want to take back home after your trip.


The color of clothes you wear on a game viewing safari do not really matter but if you are here for a Gorilla trekking safari it’s advised by some to put on Eco-friendly colors while with the Gorillas like Army green, beige, brown and preferably long sleeved shirts and pants for Gorilla trekking activity to avoid contact with different plant species which may (depending on person) cause some minor skin allergic reaction.

What to not bring:

Please do not carry a drone for pictures and videos. Drones are not allowed through customs and you will be highly inconvenienced while at the airport because you will be asked to leave your drone at airport with security and pick it up when on your return flight from Uganda. If you must carry a drone to Uganda, you will have to get authorization by the Ugandan head of homeland security.

Do I need any special vaccines / shots?

Oh yes! It’s necessary that you get your yellow fever shot and most travelers get malaria shots as well which is important because you will not be prone to catching malaria.

Travel documents I need aside passport?

You will need a yellow fever card that proves you got the yellow fever shots and please do check your passport to make sure it’s still valid for at least six months at your date of travel.

How do I get visa?

You can get an E-visa online or upon your arrival at the airport immigration.

What if my luggage doesn’t arrive in time?

In such cases we normally do a follow up on your luggage and have it delivered to you in case it arrives when you are already on safari and if it arrives the day you set out for the safari, we will work around getting it from airport before we begin the safari. We also tell advice our guests to have a few necessities in your carry on luggage to help you better prepare for such inconveniences.

What happens if i miss my flight or flights get cancelled?

We rarely do get such cases but when we do, we kindly ask clients to inform us immediately so we can do everything we can to make alterations to your safari to fit your new flight schedule where possible and where not possible, we will refund your money in line with our refund policies.

How much should i tip?

A tip has really no limit. Its up to you as an individual and your depth of appreciation for the person who has rendered you a service. For some people the more excellent the service is, the more bigger they tip.

Is it advisable to bring cash or even visa cards can work?

We get this question a lot and we always advise our guests to have some cash on them just in case a particular place does not have provision for visa cardholders you will not be inconvenienced. If you hope to do a lot of shopping especially in the craft market, its more convenient to have your money exchanged to the local currency.

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