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Sezibwa Falls is a serene site located in Mukono along the Kampala – Jinja highway. It is reached by a one-hour drive on the paved road from Kampala, turning off at the Kayanja TC for a 10minutes drive on a dirt road to Sezibwa. Sezibwa fall is a perfect place for weekend getaways and picnics. Below the waterfall is a neat clearing surrounded by big trees, bamboo and thickets. It is so peaceful with only the soothing nature sounds from the gushing waterfalls and sweet songs of the Great Blue Turacos, weaver birds and other bird species. A restaurant is available to provide drinks and prepare your meals.

Sezibwa falls
Sezibwa waterfalls

highlights for Sightseeing and Culture Sezibwa Falls

  • Cultural immersion and community encounter
  • Service of English-speaking guide or driver
  • Visiting the Ancient African traditional religion
  • Delicious meal
  • Travel in customized 4WD safari vehicle
  • Airport transfers

While there you do a sightseeing tour around this beautiful place. Observe the waterfalls from the bridge crossing and enjoy beautiful pictures. River Sezibwa flows over sedimentary rocks, falling over 17meters into the whirlpool which is 13meters deep. A number of water birds can be observed in the whirlpool. The African Finfoot is lucky sighting here. You may also take a dive into the cold pool however the water is brown most of the times due to the iodine from the sedimentary rocks. After observing the waterfalls from the bridge continue to hike to the top of the waterfalls. Enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfalls and the lush green of the picnic grounds. Near the waterfalls is small forest where one can explore some primates and different bird species. This point is also ideal for butterfly lovers.

Sezibwa Falls is a cultural heritage site where ancient African traditions were preserved and still practiced by a few believers who still worship small gods. According to traditional myths, the Sezibwa River is said to have been born by a woman and it is therefore looked at as a supernatural thing. The smooth flow of the river is believed to have been directed by spirits called, “Nnalongo Kubo” which enabled it to overcome all obstacles the way hence forming Sezibwa falls, a word coined from the local term, “ssezibwa kubo” which means, “Nothing blocks my way”.

Sezibwa Falls became a favorite ground for the gods who set base near the falls including. There are shrines set up for each of the gods i.e., Musoke, the god of rain, (Walumbe) the god of death is said to be at the falls and a shrine for each of them was set up by the traditionalists. These traditionalists visit to pray to the gods and offer sacrifices to the Sezibwa in order to get special favor in their lives and Ssezibwa Falls was a favorite ground from Kings of Buganda who often visited for retreats in the serenity of the grounds and performing many of the kingdom’s functions. The former Kings have planted trees at Sezibwa as symbols of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Sezibwa Falls.

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