1 Day Uganda Cultural tour and Buganda’s local food Experience

1 Day Uganda Cultural tour and local food experience, Uganda comprises of numerous tribes totaling to over 50, in these tribes, each has a unique culture and language. The living lifestyle is purely evident to some one’s origin. The dressing is also different and to some extent the dressing will differentiate the married from the un-married women in the society. This is a common practice in the rural areas compared to the city.

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About Buganda culture

Buganda culture, people of this culture mostly occupy the central areas of Uganda, and their staple food is Matooke, ( Raw Banana fingers ), this meal can be prepared in many different ways, either whole or mashed and served with any kind of stew.

In this tour, you will need to observe and participate from the beginning of how the banana fingers are peeled, baked in fibers, mashed, served and eaten by yourselves with any of the stew like; Ground nuts, meat, chicken, cooked in Luwombo.

Baganda Local food

Luwombo, is one of the unique delicacies, among Baganda, It is a meal prepared in a traditional wrap of tender banana leaves that are gently warmed over fire. The leaf is laid down into a basket where contents are placed. If it is meat, it is usually roasted over fire first. The meat is then cut into pieces along with ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, among others.

Oluwombo can be made from groundnut paste, chicken or mushroom. For additional flavor, salt or curry powder is added. Attention is paid when wrapping the meal. The ingredients are fastened with banana fiber. The way the Baganda prepare food is that one saucepan can prepare both the stew and what will accompany it. Whatever will accompany the stew for instance Matooke is placed in the pan and Oluwombo on top of it as you will observe?

Over all activities Time

This activity will take approximately, 4 hours and after eating, you will return to your lodge for freshening up and change of clothes, you will be later picked by your driver to enjoy an evening full of cultural dances and performances. This is the highlight of the day to spend with the African sounds of drumming with all dances and presentations from all over all the 50+ Ugandan tribes. Just like the food, each tribe in Uganda has a unique dance; this show will last for 3 hours have dinner at the venue and later dropped back to your residence.

1 Day Uganda Cultural tour includes :

  • Airport transfers
  • Private 4×4 Safari Vehicle
  • En – route lunches
  • Pure Bottled Drinking water
  • Local food testing and experience

1 Day Uganda Cultural tour excludes :

  • Airfare
  • Uganda Visa
  • Luxury drinks
  • Laundry
  • Telephone fee
  • Personal shopping bills and cigarettes