Gorilla protection in Uganda


In Uganda , the work of the Uganda wildlife authority ( UWA ) is to facilitate and with the collaborating bodies that conserve wildlife and Gorilla protection. However the international gorilla conservation works alongside the Uganda wildlife authority , it is a unique coalition of international organizations that join hands with local partners to ensure the safety of gorillas .

We recently witnessed an illegal killing of a habituated male gorilla in the Central African Republic ( CAR ) . this gorilla was shot by illegal poachers who were conducting an illegal hunting within the protected area . in records , this seems to be the first ever killing of an habituated gorillas by poachers in the last 18 years . Many organizations have come up with condemnations and calling for justice over this matter , according to authorities , two poachers have been arrested and awaiting to go to court over this illegal killing of an innocent gorilla .

Countries like Rwanda and Uganda receive more tourists who want to see these gorillas  for any East African safari without visiting these gorillas , one would call it a missed call . Gorillas are something one wouldn ‘t miss .