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LRA downfall guarantee Northern Uganda’s safety

The LRA, began as an evolution of the holy spirit movement, this was a rebellion against President Museveni’s regime led by the late Alice Lakwena. Joseph Kony took over as soon as Lakwena was exiled and named the group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).because the group lost regional support, Kony and his men decided to abduct children to fit his ranks.

In 1996 when the Ugandan government failed to end this war, it requested the people in the region to vacate /leave their villages and enter by the then government gazetted camps, these camps were created for their safety mainly, about 1.7 million people lived in these camps amidst disease which left to the loss of very many women and children.

The LRA terrorized the north for two decades when in 2006, they indicated interest to peace negotiations which were hosted by Juba (South Sudan), this was dubbed but however created peace in the northern region, the north is home for Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison falls National Park. Today the area is the most comfortable zone in East Africa.

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