Queen Elizebeth Lion Tracking Experience

Lion Tracking is an activity where one gets closer to the lions to know their behaviors or ways of life in the wild however this authentic experience can only be done in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda which is known for the tree climbing lions. The park is located in western Uganda between Lake Albert and Lake George and named Queen Elizabeth because of the visit of Queen Elizabeth the second in 1954.

Lion Tracking in Queen Elizabeth

In Uganda these activities are organized / lead by Uganda wildlife authority however it’s under Uganda carnivores project (UCP) who do research and help to track down the lions in the wild more, so this activity is done in 2 sessions morning and evening sessions.

Lion experiential is done by few people this gives to ample time to spend with the lions more, so it’s strictly regulated/ monitored to avoid stressing the animals, help researchers to collecting accurate data/ information, and know the way of life if the Animals.

This experience, in order to do it you need to book months before your experiential dates so that they can prepare and be ready for your arrival and make sure that the team does not exceed the arranged group of people at the same time.

Lion Behaviors and Livelihood

Lions are territorial in nature more so the females however the male protect their pride and surroundings their groups consist of 6 females, their off springs and coalition of 2-3 males that join the pride from different locations. Each pride consists of about 15-37 members, and they are polygamous in nature through out of the year.

Lions hunt in large numbers however females tend to hunt and feed their pride or group they feed to animals like rodents, baboons, cape buffaloes, hippos, zebras, antelopes, young elephant, giraffes.