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Ssese Island experience with MV Vanessa

Ssese Island is situated northwest of Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake in the world that is shared by Tanzania and Kenya. Scientifically Ssese island was created in the 16th century when a geological upheaval raised a basin, but according to tradition, the Ssese Islands were discovered by the first monarch of Buganda, KINTU, whose ancestry is unknown.

Ssese island
Boat cruise with MV Vanessa on Lake Victoria

You’ll be taken to Ssese by MV Vanessa boat. The Bugala group in the southwest and the Koome group in the northwestern region are the two main groupings that make up the island’s 84 islands. The largest island is Bugala, although there are also Banda, Bulago, Ngamba, and Bukasa islands. Just a couple of the islands are Bufumira and Funnye. These islands together make up the district of Kalangala.

Tribes staying on the Ssese Island.

The Bassese tribe, which speaks a language related to Basoga and Baganda, dominates the island. Their main occupation is fishing, which is followed by farming, tourism, and charcoal burning.

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