Ssese Island

This Ssese Island is located in the north-western part of Lake Victoria the world’s second-largest freshwater lake shared by Kenya and Tanzania. Scientifically Ssese Island was formed in the 16th century when a tectonic shift caused an elevated basin but traditionally, the Baganda claim that the first king of Buganda KINTU whose origin is not known found the Ssese Islands.

Ssese islands

The island is a combination of 84 islands, with 2 main groups including the Bugala group in the southwestern part and the Koome group in the northwestern part of the island. Bugala is the largest island, but there are others like Banda Island, Bulago Island, Ngamba island, and Bukasa island. Bufumira island, and Funnye island to mention but a few. All these islands form the Kalangala district.

The Bassese tribe who speak a similar language to Baganda and Basoga dominates Ssese Island. Their main activity is Fishing followed by other activities like Charcoal burning, farming and tourism.