Uganda’s oldest Chimpanzee dies ( Zakayo )


Uganda’s oldest Chimpanzee, “Zakayo” died at the age of 54 years on 26th April 2018. This dearly loved chimpanzee was found abandoned in Semliki by an unknown individual ( who is said to be a “white man” ) in June 1964 who kept Zakayo under his care until 19th June when he handed him to the care of the Uganda wildlife Education centre, an organization that was founded for wildlife conservation and cares for rescued animals that are often victims of the bushmeat trade, habitat destruction and illegal trade.

Zakayo was one of these many animals and has been under the care of the Uganda wildlife education centre from the age of 4 up until his death on Thursday 26th April 2018. The typical lifespan of a chimpanzee in the wild is 40-50 years and in captivity, it’s 50-60 years. Zakayo has lived up to his 54th and we at Simba Africa Expeditions would like to take time and recognize the life of this great chimpanzee, that has been Uganda’s overall oldest Chimpanzee.