White water rafting on River Nile

November 21st, 2017

white water rafting

Delight your senses with an adventurous day of White water rafting in Uganda’s adventure capital, Jinja! Rafting like any other sport takes skill and probably a little bit of an adrenaline junkie to an individual. The waters are quite unpredictable and many end up falling off the raft at the strength of the waves but you have to stay calm and just enjoy the refreshing slap of the waves as they cool off the sun’s beaming rays with each long splash. The knowledge that you are on the world’s longest river is almost unbelievable and sure enough something to boast about.

This activity begins with a briefing (after your breakfast) about what to expect and what to do in different given circumstances, you will then be divided into teams that will be on different rafts, teams of 9 or 8 s depends on the capacity of the raft. Group pictures are taken with your guide before you get onto your raft to set off for your perfect adventure. At the smooth part of the river, you will practice different scenarios like long distance swimming, in case the raft flips over, what to do and how to hold onto the Kayak, the guide will give you tips and the one thing that is most definitely emphasized is to, “stay calm” and let the waves bring you to the smoother part of the river where you can be easily seen and pulled back onto the raft by your team mates or the rescue team.

From experience, it’s hard to stay calm with your whole body goes in a frenzy at the thought of being swallowed by the waves. During the rafting, there are two camera men on each point, they make sure to get to those rapids before you do and will capture every beautiful moment and some scary moments with lots of faces holding absolute panic.

After about five rapids, you will get a lunch break that’s about one hour. Get some time to relax your arms from the paddling, take a swim in the Nile River if you like. When the one hour is done you will resume the paddling so as to get to other rapids, about three of them. After your last rapid, it’s time to celebrate with some beer and barbecue as you congratulate each other for surviving the waters of the Nile.

Get to look through some really hilarious pictures of your team mates share in the joy and get to take pictures with you back home and you can buy the video too as a team just to celebrate those beautiful memories together. You will then be picked up and dropped off at your desired destination, with no regret whatsoever for the adventurous day you would have had!


June 22nd, 2017


Visiting Uganda have come to discover, is a whole new different experience with a lot of interesting things to discover and rediscover starting right at the airport, you will find it a little interesting than the usual but When you are open minded to the fact that it’s Africa and around here things run a little differently from where you come from. I promise you, you will have a lot of fun from all the different things that happen even the frustrating things will give you something to smile about.

Uganda has untouched and untamed beauty seems to be on an endless trail of discovery every day and as the years go by, the wild springs up with such a fierce force of beauty and graces this beautiful country with plenty of curious visitors who thirst for the most authentic African feel. The variety availed keeps your ever growing thirst for adventure quenched! Down from Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria , source of the Nile and the white water rafting on the Nile river to the hills of west where you can say hello to man’s closest relatives the African Gorilla and chimpanzees within the thick canopies of Bwindi and Kibale forest respectively.

In this great pearl of Africa, we have learnt to do with very little and find delight in the simple gifts of nature that the earth gives and perhaps that’s the best way to live. Maybe you will share in the simple smile that cuts straight to your heart with warmth that will last forever, maybe it’s the delicious natural food grown on rich fertile soils that will leave you undeniably satisfied with good health!

Or maybe it’s the excitement of seeing an African Lion seeking for a good prey. The package comes full, just the way you like it! There is always something for each and every individual’s area of interest. No matter what happens, you will be so glad you made a stop to this amazing land known as the great pearl of Africa!