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Sunset Boat ride on Lake Victoria with simba africa expeditions a local tour operator, Lake victoria formerly known as Nalubaale is the largest lake in Uganda and second largest freshWater Lake in the world. It was formed as a result of down warping resulting into the formation of a basin. It was named after Queen Victoria who was the Queen of England by then in 1858. It is 68,800 square km and shared by three East African countries Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

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Sunset boat ride on Lake Victoria

Other activities other than Sunset boat ride on Lake Victoria

There are many activities that take place on lake victoria including, boat cruises, sport fishing, bird watching to mention but a few. Sunset boat cruise on lake victoria provides an opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake, islands, and many features in the lake. Sunset cruise normally starts 4 or 5 pm late in the evening and last for 2 to 3 hours.

It normally starts from waterfront pier and goes all around the equator line visiting fishing sites and see fishermen cast their nets while enjoying snacks and drinks served on board. It’s also favorable for bird lovers because it gives and opportunity to view different bird species.

Gives a chance of viewing Hippos that come out in the evening to graze. Spot Nile crocodiles as well as Lizards. This boat cruise is worth experiencing.

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