Amins torture chamber ( Uganda Dark Tourism )

Amin’s torture chamber is remembered for Idi Amin’s brutal acts on the Ugandans between 1971 to 1979. This chamber is comprised of 5 cells and electricity at the entrance, to enter this torture chamber one had to be blind folded by Amin’s soldiers, they drive him / her around ring road from morning to evening so that you be confused about where they are taking you,

Amins Torture Chamber

Entrance to Amins Torture Chamber
on reaching the torture chamber they had to switch off the electricity at the entrance, they put you inside both men and women where put in the place filled with electric water without food. Some people died of hunger; others were badly beaten, gunned, put in electric water and many other acts of torture.

Idi Amin Dada died in 2003 but this torture chamber still exists and visited by many people, blood handprints, and words like “Cry Far Help Me The Dead” were always seen on the walls

Tourists move from all parts of the world to visit Amin’s torture chamber, which is situated in Lubiri Mengo Buganda’s palace. Amin was Uganda’s military officer and Uganda’s president from 1971 – 1979, known as Butcher of Uganda