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entrances The entrances to Lake Mburo National Park are many, but the two most used entrances are the Sanga and the Nshaara Gates. Sanga Gate is the one used as you are coming from Mbarara well as the Nshaara Gate is the one used as you are driving from Masaka. As we branch off the highway the first thing we notices was the very sign of the National Park, clearly indicating the Gate we are going to use and the distance which was 9km left to be exact to where the entrance was. The moment you are on the road, it’s like you are already on the park premises because we saw families and families of Zebras along the way to the Nshaara Gate.

Like any other entrance, you ought to pay park entrance fee, have something on you that identifies you, register the car vehicle you are using and of cause take some pictures for you were at lake Mburo National Park. The moment we were in the park, upon every small distance I the park, there were clear signs of the speed limit (40Km/hr) to use while driving in there. According to the guide, this prevents us from scaring the animals away because of the high speed.

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