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Etanda cultural tour and adventure gives you an opportunity to get a feel of Uganda’s culture in its purest form. This programmer was developed in 2014 and it officially opened up to receiving visitors in 2016. A very ideal adventure for visitors that are connecting to Kibale Forest National Park or even for just a day tour to take part in this adventure that will be for a good cause too because a given percentage of the fee charged to tourists will be used to support conservation programs for wildlife as well as culture preservation while directly improving the lives of the local community. The village, “Kijjude” (plentiful) is located 12 miles from Mityana town, and it has a population of approximately 2400 people.

Etanda Cultural
Etanda Cultural Dance

Activities that you get to participate in at Etanda cultural Center include.

Dancing and playing local instruments at Etanda Cultural center:

You will literally be welcomed by a cheerful group of dancers; it is surely hospitality at it’s the peak the moment you set foot at this place, and you get to engage in the drumming or dancing with a great teacher by your side of cause.

Tasting different fruits.

From your warm welcome, you will be treated to a buffet of fruits ranging from jackfruit, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, passion fruit, guavas, watermelon, Mangoes and so much more. You will get a big share of fruits till you cannot have.

Preparation of local food at Etanda Cultural center

You will get to learn how to make some of the local special dishes like steamed bananas, steamed chicken using local means of firewood, it’s quite an experience.

Counselling sessions

The women will receive counselling by an elder lady who has experience in marriage, raising children and the general aspects of what being a wife entails and the men too will be get some time with an elder man called “Kojja” who will give them tips on being great husbands and so on.

Basket weaving

This is an ideal activity especially for the ladies who will get to observe from the local people and get a step-by-step lesson on how to weave the most perfect baskets. With all the new things you will learn through this one stop adventure, you will be glad to have had such an amazing experience that impacted a series of new knowledge about the vast culture of Uganda and more in particular the Buganda.

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