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Jinja is Uganda’s commercial city located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria with different Jinja excursions. Even though Jinja is known to most as commercial town, it is indeed the adventure capital of Uganda. The real hard adventure all begins and pretty much ends here.

Jinja excursions

Activities that one can enjoy while on your Jinja excursions are not limited to these below.

White water rafting

A hard adventure in every way in that you will feel the effects of a full body work out the next day, but you will most definitely not regret all the fun you had.

Bungee jumping

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of courage and definitely a great deal of your adrenaline but it’s one of those things where after accomplishing it, you will be glad you did! Almost like a great lesson of trust but once you let go and take a leap of faith, you will be so proud of yourself.

Visit source of the Nile

The thought of standing right at the source of the world’s longest river is quite the perfect thrill.

Birding in Mabira forest

The birding experience in the biggest tropical forest in central Uganda is such an awesome experience and very ideal for bird lovers. you’ll get a nature walk and a birding tour all in one experience.

Sunset cruise

This tour gives you an opportunity to cruise on the world’s longest river with while enjoying the beautiful sunset with a delicious meal and drink in tour hand.

Horse-back ridding

This kind of adventure allows you to get some of the most incredible views while enjoying a ride on a horse.

Quad bike safari

Very fun way to explore nature’s beauty.

Visit to Nile Breweries

This tour will be very educative and fun as you learn how Uganda’s most popular beer is made i.e., Nile special beer.

Sezibwa falls.

An ideal place for birding and one can hikes up the Ssezibwa falls. It has such a rich history that intrigues most visitors that come here.

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