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Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda and the second deepest in Africa with 1,962 m above sea, 25 km long and 7 km wide, located in south western Uganda between Kabale and Kisoro near Rwanda border. Formed about 8000 million years ago as a result of lava flow that emerged from Virunga Mountains. Sometimes is referred to us place of many little birds

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi’ Activities and AccommodationsLake bunyonyi is surrounded by 29 islands which have interesting historical background; Akampene island also known as the punishment island, the Bakiga used to leave unmarried pregnant women to die either of hunger or in water while trying to swim.

This helped in educating other young girls not to get pregnant before marriage. There are also other islands like Bushara island, Kyahugye Island, Buchuranuka island to mention but a few. These islands are surrounded by steep terraced hillsides giving someone an opportunity to view the attractive and beautiful scenery of the lake.

Activities at and around Lake Bunyonyi

Canoe ride

This gives the best experience of lake Bunyonyi where one sights the islands, green and natural environment of the place. Canoe ride is the best transport means in the area taking you from one side of the lake to another.


Lake Bunyonyi derives its name from “small birds”, it’s a home of over 200 birds species namely Grey shrike, Great crowned, Pied wagtail, Malachite kingfisher, Swamp flycatcher, Golden-backed weaver and many other. This gives birders the best experience on the lake.


Lake Bunyonyi is a Bilharzia free water body; there are no hippos and crocodiles hence being safe for swimming. One just has to put in mind that the lake is very deep.

Hiking and nature walk

A local guide can lead you through the Kigezi highlands where you can view landscapes, forests, tree species and some wildlife like monkeys.

Accessibility to Bunyonyi

The lake is located in Kabale district approximately 6 hours drive from Kampala by road with a distance of 407 km.


There are many safari lodges around the lake including Arcadia cottages, Birdnest, Bunyonyi overland, Bunyonyi eco Resort, and many others.

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