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Sempaya hot spring, the indigenous local people know the hot springs as Sempaya, but the name basically originated from a Kiswahili word “Sehemu mbaya”. The hot springs are found in Semuliki National Park and because of the geographical Tectonic forces beneath the Earth’s crust, they have resulted into warping, bending, and fracturing. Most importantly the geothermal heat has led to the temperature rise that goes up to 100 degrees Celsius. Capable of boiling an egg in just 10 Minutes.

Sempaya Hot spring
Sempaya Hot spring (female hot spring)

There are two ancestral hot springs; that is the female spring “Nyasimbi,” meaning “the female ancestors” and the male spring ‘Bintente’ meaning “the male ancestors”, they are in different locations and to visit both of them you will trek through the forest, about 30 minutes with a guided nature walk, during the walk you will encounter different primate species like; the red-tailed monkey, the mangabey monkeys, black and while colobus monkey, different bird species and the beautiful vegetation diversity.

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