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3 Days Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater Safari, will offer you to explore two of Africa’s 7 natural wonders. Watching the breathtaking wildebeest migration at Serengeti and spotting one of the rare rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater. On this safari, you will experience an African adventure beyond your wildlife dreams. Upon your arrival, you will be picked up from Kilimanjaro Airport and transferred to Arusha town at the hotel where you will have your overnight stay.

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3 Days Serengeti
Greater Flamingos Experience in Ngorongoro Craters

Day 1: Transfer from Arusha to Serengeti National Park

Have your breakfast and then leave Arusha and head towards Serengeti National Park. Travel to Serengeti by road near the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, allowing animal sightings along the way. The golden savannah and endless plains, teeming with zebras, wildebeest and giraffes make Serengeti one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

Enjoy a picnic lunch on Naabai kopje (a small, rocky hill in a generally flat area), where you will have the opportunity to view the Serengeti’s famous pink-headed lizards. After lunch, then proceed further into the plains for a leisurely game drive. You will spend the night at the Serengeti.

Day 2: Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Crater

Begin your day with a morning game drive in central Serengeti. In savannah, an active landscape and the air are flooded with the melodies the birds create as the regenerated sunlight starts to illuminate the full landscape. Your guide will study the prints on the ground to pursue predators. We will travel to the Ngorongoro Conservation. You will be provided with dinner overnight.

Day 3: Transfer from Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha

After having your breakfast, head out to Ngorongoro Crater, the best time to spot wild animals. You will enjoy a game drive around the crater and stop for a picnic lunch at a small lake within the park. The lake is home to many hippos and migratory birds, so guests will be sure to enjoy the visit! Due to the animal “oasis” created within the crater, there is a high possibility of spotting every member of ‘The Big 5’.

The group comprises some of the strongest animals in Africa – the ferocious lion, the giant elephant, the stealthy leopard, the charging rhino and the mighty water buffalo. Ngorongoro Crater is truly an amazing place. Did you know it was formed over two million years ago? A large volcano erupted, collapsing the volcano, but leaving a perfectly unbroken crater, known as a caldera.

Within the amazing crater, you can expect to view the playful zebra, lumbering hippo, swift wildebeest and cackling hyenas. In addition, there are flocks of graceful flamingos along the Soda Lake, while hungry hawks and vultures circle the sky in search of their next meal of discarded carcass. Beautiful storks, ibis, and cranes are popular water birds in the crater, a sight not to miss. After a lovely afternoon of animal sightings, and finally, start our journey back to Arusha.

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