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2024 Rwandan gorilla naming ceremony (Kwita Izina Ceremony)

2024 Rwandan gorilla naming ceremony; In Rwanda, a ceremony called Kwita Izina, which takes place on September 2023, baby gorillas are given names for ease of identification. This was initially introduced in 2005 when a group of gorilla newborns was given names. Each baby was given a name based on the circumstances of its birth, expectations for the future, and location.

2024 Gorilla naming
2024 Rwanda Gorilla Naming Ceremony

A gorilla naming ceremony is held in Volcanoes National Park, and it draws tourists, conservatives, researchers, and locals who come to soak in the experience. Ten gorilla families reside in the park, which has the highest gorilla population in the Virunga conservation region.

Importance of 2024 Rwandan Gorilla naming ceremony.

The naming of gorillas in Rwanda is not only a way of showing respect for conservationists and a chance to promote the tourism sector of the nation abroad. The naming of a gorilla will be unique because, unlike other ceremonies, this one will go for an entire week. Most ceremonies are conducted by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and last for one day.

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