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Uganda Airline flying again

Uganda has started looking for a staggering $300 m in an attempt to revive the once famous and proud National carrier known as Uganda Airlines. Uganda Airlines has been out for nearly two decades now but if all goes well and as planned, we might have ourselves one of the country’s flag barriers up and running.

The Uganda airlines were established in May 1976 after the fall of the East African Community where Uganda was burned under the reign of Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, it was however liquidated over heavy debts that stood at a tune of more than $6m, the debt had been reduced from $12 m.

This liquidation also the painful reality, did not settle in well with a huge number of stakeholders who blamed the government for deliberately killing the airline and also affecting Ugandan travelers in one way or another. The government is looking for this money as a means to inject into the National carrier so that it can attract investors to invest more in the country’s Airline.

The president of Uganda has revealed this to his new ministers amidst cheers and according to his plan, during these five years in power, Uganda’s National Airlines is going to be one of his targets for the Nation. It’s alleged that Ugandans will be saving $420 m on travel per year once this carrier is revived and it will promote more tourism.

The president while addressing his new cabinet, he termed the lack of a national carrier a big shame critic sings Kenyan, Ethiopian and South Africans for ditching the comradeship and instead opting to exploit Ugandans. He directed the new minister of works and transport to conclude discussions with the investors to help Uganda start on the National Airline project with immediate urgency.

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