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Uganda’s street quick food.

Quick food

The Ugandan chapatti is the cheapest quick food in the world. The chapatti locally known to many as the ‘’Rolex’’ has been recommended and ranked a popular roadside quick snack which doesn’t exclude age, tribe, color or class. The Rolex is a fried chapatti containing fried eggs, vegetables and salt. It is very popular in Uganda though known little outside the country, it is cheap, satisfy and an affordable meal.

The Rolex was introduced on market by food vendors around universities and colleges as a quick and cheap food for students. Today many restaurants, hotels, men and women vendors around the streets cook them. Many families do survive on them.

In Rwanda food is not allowed to be sold on streets but it is included on their menu. Uganda is much known on the globe as a food state due to its fertile soils and variety of various crops.

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