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Gorilla trekking Buhoma sector, which is located in the northern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park in the southwestern region of Uganda. Buhoma is a home of the oldest gorilla family called Mubare, which was habituated in 1992, followed by other 2 families Habinyanja and Rushegura. It was the first region to be visited by the first group of travelers in Bwindi.

Gorilla trekking Buhoma
Gorilla Trekking in Buhoma Sector

There are 3 Gorilla families in Buhoma sectored namely.

Mubare family:

this is the oldest gorilla family not only in Buhoma but Bwindi at large habituated in 1992 named after Mubare Hills, at which hills these Gorillas were first sighted. This family is so close to the park headquarters hence being seen earlier by visitors; it has 8 members with one silverback. Some of these members include, Kashundwe, Malaika, Kanyonyi to mention but a few.

Habinyanja family:

this family was seen near the swamp in Bwindi and named Habinyanja in Rukiga this means a “place of water”. This group was habituated in 1997 and first visited by tourists in 1999. The group consists of 18 members with 2 silverbacks.

Rushegura family:

This group was part of Habinyanja but later decided to separate after the death of silverback mugurusi in February 2002. Rushegura is the name of the place where the separation occurred. The family has 19 members with one silverback Mwirimu. This group is one of the calmest families staying in Buhoma village.

Besides gorilla tracking, Buhoma sector has other activities like.

Bird watching.

This activity takes place at Buhoma waterfall trails, and one is able to watch the Common Bulbul, White-tailed Blue Flycatchers, African Emerald Cuckoo, Short-tailed Warbler and many others.

Batwa community visits:

Batwa are pygmies who were first inhabitants of the years, they lived in harmony with nature. In this case they showcase their vibrant songs and dances to visitors, their daily life, how they prepare their food, brewing local beer and many others.

Hiking the trails.

There are six main nature trails in Buhoma including Rushura Hill walk, Buhoma-Nkuringo trail, Ivi River walk, Muzubijiro Loop, Muyanga waterfall walk and Habinyanja trail. These trail a visitor is able to have the best forest walk experience, primate encounter, watch birds, view mountains and waterfalls.

Accommodation in Buhoma sector

  • Buhoma Lodge
  • Buhoma community rest camp
  • Bwindi guest house
  • Haven lodge
  • Silverback
  • Mahogany springs lodge
  • Bwindi view bandas

Best time to visit Buhoma

June to August as well as December to February; These months give the best tracking experience due to the dryness of the trails. Tracking is best done in dry season and the above-mentioned months are always sunny but still tracking can be done throughout the year.

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