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Entebbe Uganda wildlife education centre (UWEC) was originally established in 1952 for wild animals that were casualties i.e. sick, injured or orphaned and others confiscated from illegal trade. In the 1960 s however, its role changed to a typical Entebbe Zoo with other non-indigenous species like bears and tigers and it was not until 1994 that it was taken over by the Uganda wildlife education center to act as a conservation education center for wild animals.

Entebbe Uganda wildlife
Entebbe Zoo Behind the Scenes

The role of the wildlife education center is to conserve wildlife for future generations, rehabilitate them and also act as a recreation center for both the old and young. It has quite a number of animal species including lions, cheetahs, Cape buffaloes, Rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants, zebras, Giraffes ostriches and antelopes among others with a wide range of birds and butterflies. One thing for sure is you will receive a warm welcome from the vervet monkeys before you even step into the gates.

Programs at Entebbe Uganda wildlife Educational Centre

UWEC has quite a number of interesting programs like day visits, keeper for a day, behind the scenes, chimpanzee close-up, long stay volunteer, keeper for a day adult and junior, VIP exclusive behind the scenes with a meal and drinks, forest trail, Noah’s ark discovery tour.

Behind the scenes is probably the most interesting among the programs provided by the Uganda wildlife education centre. This program is quickly getting the attention of our visitors as a fun way to spend their time while in Uganda. It is one of those activities that enable one to carefully observe these animals and closely study their features so as to identify them better while they are in their natural habitats.

Behind the scenes allows you to get up close and personal with the animals, feed them and even pet some of them. Imagine having a cheetah for a pet for a few minutes and taking as many pictures. You also get a lot of useful information about these animals, their stories of rescue and the future plan for them i.e. some are bred and taken back to their natural habitats.

Species of animals at Entebbe Uganda wildlife Educational Centre

There are specific animals that have been selected for this program and these are the ones you get to spend some quality time with. Animals in this program include; the Rock Python, Cheetah, Leopard, Lions, shoe billed stork, Tortoise, giraffes, chimpanzees, baby elephant and Rhinos. These are all very different in nature and have very unique intriguing behaviour. If you ever doubted the close relationship between humans and chimps, you will closely realize during this program that we are really no different.

The program is very educative towards the concern of conservation of wildlife but at the same time gives you the best two hours’ adventure of your life!

Program Fee at wildlife education center:

Foreign nonresidents $70 (adult), $35(children)
Foreign resident $50 (adult), $15(children)
East African 50,000 UGX (adult), 30,000 UGX (children)

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