Uganda sets new immigration laws

The directorate of citizenship and immigration control wishes to inform the public and those willing to travel/work in Uganda that soon they will be introducing a new electronic application of visas and work permits (E-permits and E-visas). These applications are for those intending to travel to Uganda as applications should be done only for lawful purposes in accordance with the national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities. Foreign Nationals also intending to travel to Uganda for purposes of employment must comply with all necessary requirements for expatriate employment in the country. Visa & corresponding fees

Category of visa and cost for Immigration

  • Single entry⇒ US$ 100 per individual
  • Multiple entry visa 6-12months⇒US$ 100
  • Multiple entry visa 24 months ⇒US$ 150
  • Multiple entry visa 36 months ⇒US$ 200
  • Students (Entry Visa for students who are not nationals of East African Cooperation.)⇒ US$ 100
  • East African Tourist Visa (Three months Multiple Entry for Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda) ⇒US$ 100

Residents of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda traveling to any of the three countries can now enter the alternative Partner State. Without paying for visas. Fee Nil
However travellers/citizens belonging to the countries below do not need to pay for a Ugandan visa.

COMESA        East Africa   Others

⇒Angola         Tanzania            Antigua
⇒Eritrea          Rwanda            Barbados
⇒Malawi          Kenya               Fiji Grenada
⇒Madagascar   Burundi            Lesotho
⇒Seychelles Sierra Leone
⇒Swaziland Solomon Islands, The Grenadines
⇒Zambia Vanuatu
⇒Comoros Ghana
⇒Kenya Cyprus
⇒Mauritius Bahamas
⇒Zimbabwe Belize
St. Vincent-Tonga.