Visit Budongo forest Uganda

Budongo forest

The famous Budongo forest is situated North West of Uganda 's main Kampala capital on your way to another mighty Murchison falls national park . The forest measure 318 . 5sq .meter , the place is approximately a 3 to 4 hours drive from Kampala and is located on the escarpment of the re - known Lake Albert . The forest is characterized by an altitude damp , semi - deciduous verdant forest which covers 42800 hectares.

Budongo forest is the largest Mahogany and ironwood forest in the East African region , as well as the biggest to the number of primates throughout the entire country boundaries , this forest is among those most ideal sites in the country which have a guided bird watching along the Royal Mile . There are five major forest types which include : swamp - forest , mixed cynometra , colonizing plus the cynometra . the largest part of this forest is sheltered by a tropical high - forest community

Tourist 's sites within the forest are Kaniyo Pabidi , Busingiro Ecotourists sites which are located along the Murchison falls National Park , once in awhile you may have a chance to spot lions , leopards and buffaloes . The best ideal time to set off for tourism is early morning because you will have the opportunity to see a number of most Budongo forest inhabitants along river waiga which in most cases offers refreshment to various wildlife species within the forest . You will enjoy bird watching , chimpanzee tracking and experience nature.

Chimpanzee tracking : This is the most prioritized activity and it usually starts in October to January which is the fruit bearing time , yellows are ever in short supply curtsy of chimps and birds which feed on them most . You can enjoy this by yourself once you choose to visit this mighty forest

Birding : Among those various bird species which have been recorded in this forest are more than 360 species , 290 butterfly species , 130 month species , 465 tree species and 24 mammals of that will certainly reward you with a very amazing birding safari experience in this great forest in Uganda.